Little Miss Flowers

How are you almost ONE little one…

Today we had a splash in a fruit-ilicious milk bath, filled with lots of strawberries and oranges.

Those big bright blue eyes are mesmerizing and instantly the focus of the camera. This shoot was filled with plenty of dancing and singing from Muma. Its always fun when parents get involved during this special time, a whole 12 months of memories. Seeing bubba Blair giggle is just adorable and made me laugh many times throughout our session.

I love the colors we picked, the bright oranges and yellows suit this beautiful little sunflower perfectly.

This little bubba had her newborn images taken with me right at the beginning of my newborn photography journey. So this moment is very special to me.
Happy 1st lap around the sun little one ox B

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I am truly blessed to have beautiful family and friends, so I know how important capturing those special moments in life are.

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