Gerdov Family

I love family photography, the images are simple and the memories are here to stay forever. I love taking candid photography, the emotion in everyone’s faces, the look in everyone’s eyes and the feelings between one another are raw and beautiful. You cannot beat the feeling.

How beautiful is this little family of four. I absolutely love watching older siblings kiss and cuddle their new family members.. because lets be serious it can go one of two ways.. Plenty of love and hugs and kisses OR nothing haha. These two were just gorgeous. Little Georgia is 2.5years and was happy to give all the hugs and kisses required to get these beautiful images. She will be the perfect big protector as little Zach grows up.

As an older sister myself I adored my little sister when she was born, I couldn’t get enough of her and today the feeling is the same. I love spending my time with her, chatting and laughing. We have our own language together and dont even need to finish our sentences with words, just a simple look and we both know what one another is thinking. It’s a super power I think you are given as siblings 🙂 The coolest super power you can have, shared with someone else.

Family Photography is something so simple, time is flying by and children grow up and change so much each and every day. Muma’s YOU NEED TO CAPTURE THESE MOMENTS. They are so important and I promise you will regret it if you dont.


I am truly blessed to have beautiful family and friends, so I know how important capturing those special moments in life are.

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