What to expect from a day with me

I can only imagine the feeling of taking a newborn out for the first time let alone handing them over to a stranger. So, I thought I would share what to expect from your time with me.. I love newborn photography. Every session gives me goosebumps. I love the look in Muma’s eyes when I meet you for the first time. The unconditional love in the air gives me all the feels.

We temporarily book your date in between 10-14days after you’re due to give birth, I am very aware that some bubs arrive early and some not quite ready to party yet. As I only take a certain amount of sessions per month this gives me the flexibility to work in with you and not worry when bubs makes his or her way into the world. This also gives me flexibility if there are any additional concerns with bubs or Muma during the first week of their journeys.

Once bubs is here, Muma will send me a beautiful image (this gives me an idea of bubs coloring, to ensure I have selected the right colors to match babies skin tone). From there we lock in our session date. I send through a confirmation message with every single detail you need to know about. What to avoid eating if you are breastfeeding, what to pack, what time to arrive, how long our session will go for ect..

You arrive at my studio at 10.30am and I will take bubs off your hands (because you just smell too good), I will wrap and get bubs ready for the first set up. Whilst you sit back and tell me about your first week as a Muma Bear. I will move through my setups as efficiently as bubs lets me, changing wraps, outfits and props. If bub starts to become too unsettled, I will ask you to top up and then will continue my shoot. Once our session is completed, you will have the time to refeed and change as needed.

My newborn photography studio is warm and peaceful, the warmth keeps bubs nice and sleepy. I have a baby “shusher” (which is GOLD and all of my Muma’s absolutely love) this blocks out additional noise. I also play calming music in the background and have a beautiful candle burning from my favourite “Williams + Cable”. Its the simple things that make the biggest difference.
My studio is my little sanctuary. I Love it, it feels like home to me and I want my families to feel the same way during this experience.

I will than start the editing process, this may take up to 14 days. I carefully select the best of the best images to fully edit for your gallery. Once completed I will send you a beautiful gallery to view and select your images/ prints.

7-14 days after that you will receive your prints, at anytime once you have selected your images you can upgrade or add framed prints or an album to your order. I will send through all proofs to approve to ensure the correct images have been selected and ordered for you.

You receive these and normally cry, because bubs is not sooo tiny anymore and it is a very emotional experience. This is now a beautiful memory that you will carry forever.

Newborn photography I believe is a MUST. These moments dont last forever as bubs grows up way too fast and its hard to remember the tiny details as you are sleep deprived and learning about this whole new amazing world. It is truly beautiful and you will not regret the investment.

& I absolutely love it, you can see my passion your entire journey. I promise.

ox B

I am truly blessed to have beautiful family and friends, so I know how important capturing those special moments in life are.

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