Brewin Family

This session was alot of fun, natural light outdoor family session with some of my beautiful family members. Miss Mia is 4years old and Miss Ava is 2years old.

We had Bluey & Miss Koala helping take the photos, which made the girls laugh and laugh, and plenty of tickle time from Mum & Dad which also helps.

The day was super perfect, the sun was shining, the grass was green and the atmosphere was perfect.

I love outdoor photography as you are able to capture precious candid moments, rather than having all “staged” photos. This truly helps Mum & Dad relax, as most times Mum will say to me “look Dad is so awkward in photos, he doesn’t know where to look or how to pose”, so this helps take abit of the pressure out of awkward smiles and posture.

I also love love love when kids having matching outfits, I think it looks super cute in the photos.
Hehe Mum used to dress my sister and I like this and I’m sure we both hated it but I look back now and think awwww it is just super cute especially at this age.

Kids are growing up so fast, so its truly important to invest in these beautiful memories before time passes by so quickly that you’ve missed it. The moments dont last long enough.

Happy Days my beautiful friends ox

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I am truly blessed to have beautiful family and friends, so I know how important capturing those special moments in life are.

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