Lockdown 2.0

Today as I write this we are in week 4 of lockdown in 2021, it has just been announced that we will go into a further 4 weeks minimum of lockdown. I’ve cleaned every room out, cleaned all of the cracks, hung new photos, decluttered and gave away all my old and unwanted clothes, sheets, …

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Baby Cohen

Welcome to the World baby Cohen. What a beautiful little face, all snuggled up with his teddy.We captured this beautiful mans Muma only 2 weeks ago in her maternity shoot with his older Brother and Papa bear. It was beautiful, so I knew when I had this gorgeous family in the studio that it was …

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Baby Harley

Ohhhh I adore everything about this image… The pose, the colors and the squishiness of this handsome little man. 12 Days fresh and soo gorgeous. In our session we kept it natural and earthy with wooden props, creams, browns and green color tones which all fit perfectly with his skin tones. This pose is one …

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Camilleri Girls

A beautiful Muma and her two precious besties!!! I love this beautiful Family, I always know our sessions are going to be entertaining and fun. We dance and giggle and pull faces and give plenty of cuddles. Elsie & Ivy are great little friends and Muma you are so very lucky, you should feel so …

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Eskimo Kisses

Did you ever do eskimo kisses with your Muma or Papa??? I know I did, and I LOVEDDD asking little Charlie to do them with her gorgeous Muma. She thought it was the funniest thing ever, which makes it even more adorable. Em with her two beatiful girls Charlie & Abby as part of the …

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Grandma Cuddles

This image is probably one of my absolute favourite images I have captured in my 3 years of photography. I just LOVE it soo much. Its natural and beautiful.This is baby Blair and her Nanny, who I know she adores so much. This image was part of my Mothers Day Mini sessions in 2021 and …

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How beautiful..

How lucky do you have to be to be able to capture 2 handsome boys and 3 gorgeous girls in one shot. Well this beautiful family did just that.. I feel soo blessed to be able to welcome all families into my studio and be able to capture moments like these that last forever. Penny …

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I am truly blessed to have beautiful family and friends, so I know how important capturing those special moments in life are.

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